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THE VILLAGE (part 2…the community)

Every successful individual knows that  his or her achievement depends on a community  of persons working together. ~Paul Ryan~   My son was giving a talk the other day , and although I was not able to be there in person, he could share it by pod-cast (boy I sure do love technology...can barely operate it but it do love it!).   Now I am paraphrasing, but his talk focused on the concepts of what it is to have a community, to take care of it, and the people that live there.   It got me thinking.   In part 1 of my “Village blog series", I wrote about the value of having a village that raises a child.   To continue along the lines of that theory, I believe that the community village can play such an important role in providing love and safety for individuals of all ages. I live in a city.   But within those city walls lies various small “villages”.   Now, I know that I am biased but I personally think that I live in the best village of all.   It spans all o

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